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Vietnamese Dessert: Chè Cốm Posted by: | July 31, 2011

The past 2 months have been eventful and turbulent at the same time, which unfortunately kept me away from this little blog that normally would be a reflection of my life status. If you see entries coming up regularly, it means I’m contented, stable and happy. If you see no entries for more than 3 […]

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Vietnamese Dessert: Longan with Lotus Seed filling tea (Chè Sen Long Nhãn) Posted by: | January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!! I’m finally blogging my first entry of 2011, on my new website! I’m so happy that I have finally made my second big move after moving back to Vietnam, which is to move my blog to my own host, with a custom designed template. Finally I can have bigger images and nicer […]

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