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  1. Maiko Yamamura says:

    Ganbatte, Chi Anh.
    I am wishing you all the best for your return to your hometown and your new life there.
    Stay in love with cooking!!


  2. MJS says:

    I love the new website!
    It is truly wonderful.

  3. Chau says:

    Sao blog ko co RSS feed chi oi ?

  4. Marie Chao says:

    Gonna repost your Roasted Chicken recipe on my blog and sharing your wonderful dishes with my peeps. Hope that’s okay!

  5. Grace Martinez says:

    I would like to ask if you have any baking class of vietnamese style? I will be arriving in hanoi tonight , pls email me i am interested to attend at any date between oct 25 and 27

  6. Stey mars says:

    I’ve known Kitchen Art for so long but up until now I know your blog. As a bake-aholic, your photos inspire me a lot and your work is so admirable. Seeing those photos always make me want to get in the kitchen immediately. Though my limited time (and my poor allowance) doesn’t allow me to bake as much as I want to ^^
    I love your work with KAfe. I live in Haiphong and I can hardly find a place like that to go to. I definitely come to KAfe once I have a chance to go Hanoi.
    Ah, I’m vietnamese but since the blog is in english, I decided to reply in english. Hope it’s ok

  7. Nguyên Hồng Trang says:

    Hi Chị Chi Anh.
    Em là Trang, em của Chị Hương Đặng, học trường Koto ah Chị.
    Em nghe Chị Hương giói thiệu về mô hình dạy món ăn , em thích lắm, và hay nua, Em thì đang làm bếp bánh và rất thích học hỏi, Em muốn làm quen chị, để đươc tham gia nhóm nấu ăn của Bên Chi đươc ko ah.
    Em thì hiên tại đang ỏh Hồ Chí Minh
    Em muốn thoi gian rãnh cùng giao luu voi nhau va chia se các mon ăn voi nhau .

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