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Roast Chicken Thighs on Bed of Potatoes & Carrots Posted by: | January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! And it’s been exactly one year since I re-launched this blog on my own server and domain (this time last year, I declared it was an important step and a new beginning towards my blogging identity – and it really did make a big difference). One year has passed since, and though I […]

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Chicken kebabs with Chickpeas salad + Pita bread with Hummus dip Posted by: | May 25, 2010

So as promised… here are the recipes to my Middle Eastern dinner this weekend. I’m gonna keep it short as I’m really sleepy after a long day of work and a good dinner at a Sri Lankan crab place. The Egg sauce crab was soo good, I’m still flashbacking about it now. Kebabs are really […]

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A Middle Eastern Feast! Posted by: | May 23, 2010

So this weekend I had a dinner party again. It was supposed to be my last big dinner party before I throw myself into work until late June. As fun as it might seem, cooking for guests really involves a lot of work. Usually I would start planning the menu a week ahead, and fine-tuning […]

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Hot Summer’s day Lunch Party Posted by: | May 17, 2010

I decided to have a lunch party for the first time on this weekend. It’s kind of challenging as I wouldn’t have much time to cook and prepare in the morning (I’m incapable of waking up before 10am on weekends). Which means, I would have to get all ingredients by Friday after work. So every […]

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Awesome Dinner Party: Homemade Baguette & Bruschetta, Roasted Chicken with Apples & Leeks, Smashed New Potatoes with Garlic & Chives, Chocolate Marsala Cake Posted by: | May 3, 2010

It’s been a long day and even though I’m extremely exhausted, I still can’t wait to dish it all out on my smashin Dinner Party tonight! All I can say is, everyone’s plates was clean and all dishes were finished to the last piece (we all ate Usman’s portion as well). Nothing beats that feeling […]

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Menu for Sunday Dinner Party revealed Posted by: | May 1, 2010

On Sunday I am having 8 friends coming over for dinner. They are one of my closest friends from Uni and I can’t believe I’ve never cooked a proper meal for them before. This time Trang is in town with her fiance for the first time, so why not show some hospitality by cooking up […]

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Roast Chicken with Vegetables and Herbs Posted by: | April 25, 2010

I had the pleasure to have Matt & Marie come over for dinner last night. They have been spectators of my food for a long time through my Facebook and Blog, so it’s time to finally let them taste it first hand. Not to mention, they are also awesome company to have for dinner! But […]

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Easter weekend feast! Posted by: | April 3, 2010

I’m still sore in my legs as I’m writing this. That’s because I spent most of my afternoon today grocery shopping and then cooking & baking for about 3hours. Since it’s such a beautiful Good Friday, I randomly decided to host a “Good Friday” dinner at my place, inviting 6 friends. Surprisingly, all of them […]

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