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Carrot Cupcakes Posted by: | December 22, 2010

It’s back-to-back cupcake blogging this week, as I have been baking cupcakes for various occasions lately. I still think cupcakes are the best desserts for crowds as it is easy to distribute, not messy, and always cute to look at. This time, I made these adorable Carrot Cupcakes for my office to celebrate the end […]

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Orange Chiffon cupcakes with Orange Butter icing Posted by: | December 20, 2010

Soooo… as promised, I am back with my FIRST cupcake entry from Vietnam. Though this has been baked awhile back, I haven’t had time to share it with you guys. I made them for my girlfriend’s birthday, but she happened to be down with wisdom tooth ache that day. Luckily my Orange Chiffon Cupcakes were […]

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Roomantique Cupcakes – a cupcake born out of pure friendship Posted by: | August 28, 2010

Helloooo my dear dear readers! I know I have personally apologized to many of you whom I have met recently for my abscence. I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I really cannot afford to cook for another few weeks. Why? I’m finally ready to announce this. Door To My Kitchen is officially moving! Where? […]

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Cherry Clafouti (Cherry Flan) a la Julia Child Posted by: | July 23, 2010

I know you guys must have forgotten about this blog by now. Or if not, you would be wondering why I haven’t been posting lately. Well, I’ve realized that I can’t cook when I’m not feeling completely at peace and easy. For the past 1 month, I haven’t been at ease. Big changes are coming […]

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Plum Upside-Down Cake Posted by: | May 29, 2010

It’s been a rough week. Can’t believe I only have time to blog about my Plum Upside-Down Cake today, which I baked last weekend. Work piled up at light speed this week, plus I contracted a mild food poisoning from my own food. Yes. The irony. My Mom was then quick to point out that […]

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Hot Summer’s day Lunch Party Posted by: | May 17, 2010

I decided to have a lunch party for the first time on this weekend. It’s kind of challenging as I wouldn’t have much time to cook and prepare in the morning (I’m incapable of waking up before 10am on weekends). Which means, I would have to get all ingredients by Friday after work. So every […]

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Janet’s Birthday Cupcakes: Espresso Fudge Cupcake with Chocolate Creme Cheese Icing Posted by: | May 8, 2010

I usually only bake on weekends, as it’s a messy and tiring process which requires a lot of time of preparation and cleaning afterwards. However, I baked this week on a Wednesday night as it was Janet’s birthday the next day. I wanted to warm her birthday with her favorite cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes! I used […]

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Awesome Dinner Party: Homemade Baguette & Bruschetta, Roasted Chicken with Apples & Leeks, Smashed New Potatoes with Garlic & Chives, Chocolate Marsala Cake Posted by: | May 3, 2010

It’s been a long day and even though I’m extremely exhausted, I still can’t wait to dish it all out on my smashin Dinner Party tonight! All I can say is, everyone’s plates was clean and all dishes were finished to the last piece (we all ate Usman’s portion as well). Nothing beats that feeling […]

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Organic Homemade Popcorn Posted by: | April 22, 2010

I love popcorn. To me, Popcorn has this magical way of making me happy like a little child. Even now when I am home with my parents, and we go out, I still like to beg my Dad to buy me popcorn. It’s tradition: I beg for popcorn. Mom says no. Dad goes to buy […]

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Weekend baking adventure: Plum Clafouti Posted by: | April 18, 2010

The subject of this entry is not at all exaggerated. Starting out as an easy Saturday, it quickly became hectic as I decided to make Plum Clafouti and French bread (Baguette) at the same time. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it was one kitchen disaster after another. First I thought my bread […]

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