Living The Dream Posted by: | April 2, 2012

This is the story about how my life has transformed from a 9-5 corporate life to a 24/7 business owner who is having THE most amazing time of her life. Or you can also call this the sequel to my previous entry called “Door To My Dreams“.


It is beginning April, about 2 months since the last time I blogged. And boy, it felt like 2 years. My venture, Kitchen Art Store & Studio has been officially open for more than a month, and performing unexpectedly well. I don’t want to sound over optimistic, as it is just the beginning, but if THIS is only the beginning, then bring it on!!


I don’t want to bore you with the trivial details, but my life for the past two months has pretty much been me shuffling between my home and my shop, ┬áliving the life of a true blue business owner and a poor entrepreneur (say bye-bye to new phones or shoes). But what can I say, you don’t know what life is truly about until you really live and breathe your passion everyday. And with passion, I mean polishing the gorgeous Kitchen Aid on my shelf to make sure it is shiny, sharing baking tips with customers, arranging whisks and spatulas in order, looking at people gasping over my pots & pans, and having an amazing Kitchen studio with breathtaking West Lake view all to myself every week to conjure up whatever recipe I want to share on Kitchen Art website. I can’t describe the joy I feel whenever I hear a customer tell me how much they adore the Store or that it is the best Kitchenware store they have been to in Hanoi. I have made countless of friends who are customers, my staff, my shop assistants, and their friends or friends of their friends. This is a stark contrast against my life just a year ago, when I could count the number of Friends I had in Hanoi on one hand, and wondered where all the like-minded people had gone to. So moral of the story is: if you need a life, start a business of your dreams! You might lose all your money, but at least you gained priceless experience and friends, and most of all, you are finally able to say “I’m CEO, b*tch!” (even if it is just saying it in your head). Not such a bad risk to take, no? However, you have to be willing to put your social life and even family life aside during the intensive months of starting up. I am glad that period is finally over. After 1000 over times of barcoding, stocktaking and countless of worries, pain and tears, we finally have a store that is up and running!


That’s enough story telling for today. Now I shall shamelessly show off the images of one of the happiest days of my life, the opening of Kitchen Art Store & Studio. Warning: my excessive and ubiquitous happy smiles might make you jealous.




While being away from my own kitchen most of the time, I have been pretty busy in the Kitchen Art Studio making all kinds of pretty tasty things to share on our website to inspire more people to explore their kitchen and love for food. Now I even have my own food photographer, so I just need to cook, style and have someone else fuss over lighting, exposure and focusing, while I start to gobble my creations down my stomach behind the kitchen. Good life, eh? And the best part is, I still get to write my recipes in English, and my staff writer would translate it into Vietnamese. So that makes Kitchen Art Website the first bilingual food & cooking portal in Vietnam that I know of!  Such an upgrade from this little blog over here, which is a one-woman-show from cooking, photoshoot, editing, touch up to publishing. So yeah, this is sort of another mini-dream-come-true to me: having a wonderful tiny production team for my very own Food-site. Here are just some of the creations at our Kitchen Studio (and head on down to our website to check out the recipes):



Meanwhile, I’ve also managed to squeeze in some restaurant reviews with East & West Travel magazine for the Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr issues. I am finally living up to my self-proclaimed “Food Writer” title, and living the dream of being paid for wining and dining.


Ok I think I should stop “showing off” now before you all get tired of my little achievements. But hey, this is just me saying: Do what you love, every minute. Because it’s god damn worth it.


If I knew I would become all this 10 years ago, when I was about to enter University, I would straight away drop out of my Computing degree to pursue a Culinary school (I still wish I did). But that’s life, isn’t it? As Steve Jobs said it, “All the dots will connect in the end”.


That’s it for my update so far. Thanks for sticking around (if you still are). I’ll be back soon with home-style Vietnamese Dry Beef Vermicelli recipe which I planned to blog about originally today (but look at what happened – digression at its best).


So stay tuned and do drop by the Store to say hi to me anytime :)



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  1. The Anonymous XYZ says:

    bleh, bleh , bleh :bz

  2. Chi Mai says:

    Very proud of you Chi Anh! There is nothing like doing what you love .

  3. Huy says:

    Really good writing. & I think it impresses me much!

  4. Pipit from RH says:

    I’m very proud and happy for you, Chi Anh. I’m your friend in university and i’m happy to see someone being very happy in pursuing her dreams. You go girl! You’ve always been someone with many talents. I just didn’t know cooking was your passion! All the very best! Do remember to keep on being the trendsetter, continuously.

  5. Congratulations on all your success Chi Anh! You know if I was in Hanoi that I would immediately pay you a visit. All the best for the road ahead.

  6. Tuan says:

    Great writing! Pretty interesting blog. would subscribe to your channel :D hehe

  7. congratulations!! what a great accomplishment and wishing you great success

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