2010 in retrospect… Posted by: | December 19, 2010

I’m back!

And I mean it for real this time. 2010 is drawing to a close, and I realized I do NOT want to start 2011 NOT blogging. Christmas is coming, and my house is stocked with ingredients I bought to bake Christmas cookies. I can’t wait to start on my first batch of cookies tomorrow!

Looking back, 2010 has been the most eventful year in my life so far. Ups and downs, happy and sad, unions and separations, mark a year of emotional roller coaster rides for me. I did underestimate my move back to Vietnam a bit. After 2 months of overwhelming craze of settling in and adjusting to my new work & life, in the 3rd month back home, I start to feel lost and question my sense of belonging to this place. I start to miss everything about my life back in Singapore, and a sense of loneliness starts creeping into me, as the cold winter rushes into Hanoi. Yes. I have been having a low moment. So I did some soul searching. And as alone as I might feel in this foreign yet familiar land, I am not. I have my family beside me. I have my loving friends who still care for me from overseas, and I have you readers, whom I have unwillingly neglected through the past 3 months. I hope you guys are still out there, are you? Most importantly, I have realized my dream – again. And I am glad that I am taking active steps towards it, starting with the completely revamped Door To My Kitchen website that will be launched by Jan 2011! Yes. I can finally kiss goodbye to my ugly WordPress URL and head down to my own domain.

One thing is for sure. One of the best things that happened in 2010, is Door To My Kitchen :) I can’t wait to see how this evolves in 2011!

But for now… I’ll keep myself busy with the tons of recipes that are still waiting for me to discover :) I will be bombarding with my new creations next!

Have a happy happy Christmas :)


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