Hello Hanoi! Posted by: | September 20, 2010

Hi everyone… I’m finally back home safe and sound, still awaiting my massive shipment by boat from Singapore that contains mostly my kitchen tools, but I have been pretty busy in the kitchen with my Mom over the weekend. Despite the shock of being back in the crazy traffic and melting heat, I truly enjoy being back where I came from, eating the food I call true “home” food, and enjoying the freshness of seasonal vegetables and fruits (in Singapore most vegetables and fruits are imported all year round. You sort of lose the notion of “seasons”). Unlike the past years where I would be busy watching TV while my mom prepares the meals, now I’m the one designing the menu together with my Mom, and it’s such a joy to realize that we have this huge passion in common! My mom is now my food stylist as I snap pictures of our delicious creations. It’s so much fun. Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all this fun.

I still have another week to go before I start work officially, so these days I am taking my time to practice my motobike riding so I can start getting around. It’s a true stress as the traffic is insane, but I’m working on it. My parents have also prepared a big space upstairs on the terrace for our future herb and vegetable garden. I have bought tons of herb seeds (Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Parsley etc) back from Singapore so hopefully I can grow them here and not lose out on my favorite flavors! Trust me, they don’t sell those stuff here. If they do, tell me!

I have also ventured into the supermarkets here in Hanoi, and to my relief, they sell Dijon Mustard, Chickpeas, Pastas. But to my disappointment, I could not find much baking ingredients (icing sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, chocolate chips). Please tell me there are other shops out there that I don’t know of that sells these stuff! Well it’s only been a week here, so I’m sure there are places that sell more imported stuff that I do not know of. The search will start soon! For now, I’ll continue to make local dishes with ingredients sourced from our very own fresh market outside our house! I’ll post our weekend dishes later!


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  1. phuong says:

    It’d be very difficult to keep all the herbs alive in Vietnam. I don’t know if you have tried it in Singapore but even here in London, the weather is perfect but the seeds just don’t grow T_T (at least for me).
    But I think they do sell those herbs in Hanoi. Remember there are loads of Italian and French restaurants there. I can ask them I guess ^^
    Hopefully everything will go well with you. Just wondering why did you decide to come back to Hanoi after such a long time in Singapore? Are you still working for Panasonic?

    • Chi Anh says:

      Yes I am. I just wanted my life to be settled down somewhere near my parents so I can take care of them in future. Moving back now, with a job posting, seems like the best timing. Not too young, not too old :)

  2. Quang says:

    Hi Chi Anh,
    Baking ingredients are available in Metro supermarket. It’s located somewhere along Thang Long highway. I think it’s 2 km away from my mom’s place, Nguyen Phong Sac & Pham Van Dong streets.

  3. Alex Nguyen says:

    You might find those ingredients in some shop around Old Quarter where alots of foreigner live around. I can be tour guider if you need:D

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