Menu for Sunday Dinner Party revealed Posted by: | May 1, 2010

On Sunday I am having 8 friends coming over for dinner. They are one of my closest friends from Uni and I can’t believe I’ve never cooked a proper meal for them before. This time Trang is in town with her fiance for the first time, so why not show some hospitality by cooking up a great meal for everyone. I don’t know why I keep stressing myself out with dinner parties but it’s sort of the best time for me to experiment fancy dishes. Since I’m making all this dishes for the first time, there’s no guarantee it will be great, but then again, my friends are pretty easy to please :P

I know my friends have been hyping about the menu. And I have revised it at least twice. But here is the final menu, after careful consideration of the entire meal’s taste directions and time available to make all this in one afternoon:

Starter: Garden salad (Butterhead, romaine lettuce, basil, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese)

Main Dish: Roast Chicken with Apples, Leeks and Rosemary

Side Dish: Oven roasted smashed potatoes with butter, garlic and chives

Dessert: Cherry Clafouti

Wine: New Zealand Chardonnay (courtesy of Trang)

Serving: 8

I will be cooking and baking away the entire Sunday. Hope it will turn out well! I’ve never cooked for so many people before! Looking forward to sharing the Dinner Party on this blog :)


3 Responses to “Menu for Sunday Dinner Party revealed”

  1. Brandon says:

    Sounds….awesome!! Hehz :)

  2. Chin Yoong Lee says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to be there!
    See you tomorrow! =)

  3. Shann says:

    Wow! I can’t wait for your recipe!

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