Tuesday is Stir-Fry day Posted by: | April 28, 2010

I have mentioned before that Tuesdays are the longest work day of the week. Or at least it feels like it. I managed to drop by the supermarket and still be home by 7:30pm. However, it felt like 9pm to me. Time to recharge myself with all the goodness of the fresh and colorful vegetables I picked up from the neighborhood wet market last weekend. I had red and yellow peppers, leeks, mushrooms, and a big bunch of cilantro. All that will go into the wok to stir fry with my beef. And dinner was ready within 20 – 30 minutes. Tasty and Juicy. And of course, healthy. I will not post the recipe as the method is similar to any other Vietnamese Stir-Fry I have done. Just remember to stir fry the meat first, then the vegetables and mushrooms, and in the end combine everything together plus some fresh herbs to stir in last minute like Cilantro or Scallions.

Once you master the various stir-fries, you will never go hungry or not know what to do with leftovers in the fridge. And for days when I just don’t feel like processing any recipe, a stir fry is the only thing I can whip up without even using 10% of my brain. I hope I have added to your survival cookbook a new dish today :)

I heart vegetables!!

And for dessert… my last 2 cupcakes from Saturday dinner with Matt & Marie. And I added more fresh strawberries just for kicks. Ahh… What a bliss!

Your day might be dull, the sky might be grey, but your food can be as fun and vibrant as you want :) It’s pretty much the only thing I have absolute control over. That’s why I love cooking.


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  1. Maiko says:

    Hello, Chi Anh. I take a hat off to the whole design of your beautiful blog and, especially great deal of your curiosity about trying new resipes. Please do introduce your mom’s recipes next time you have a chance. Looking forward to it!

    • Chi Anh says:

      Hi Maiko… thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for the compliments… It really motivates me to cook more and blog more! Yes my mom’s recipes and influences are everywhere in this blog. You’ll get to try it at our next pot luck ;)

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