Food and the people around it makes the world go round! Posted by: | April 10, 2010

I know. Corny title there. But this week has been an awesome week. In between my hectic work schedule, I met the most wonderful people over meals, even though I only had a short lunch hour to spare. On Thursday I met Y, whom I met exactly 10 years ago and witnessed me growing from a young little 16 year old student to the woman I am today. She’s an amazing big sister to me that I always really look up to. I wonder why we didn’t catch up earlier? Years of work has torn me away from many parts of my past. But I’m refusing to let it happen from now. There is no reason to leave wonderful and meaningful friendships out of our lives just because we are busy. I want to cook for Y, and I want to discuss photography with her as it is now her hobby (which I just found out), and I want to continue to learn from her. I can’t even imagine my first days in Singapore when I was 18 without her. If I hadn’t said it earlier, then I want to say it today: Thank you for everything. And thanks for being the guarantor for the loan of my first ever laptop. Nothing has been the same since :P

Today I met M for lunch. It was a very inspiring session of us sharing our thoughts and passion about life, love and food :) Even though we haven’t known each other for very long, there is something that connects us. Perhaps it’s my years in Taiwan that subconsciously makes me connect with Taiwanese? Or is it our similar backgrounds of being westernized Asian girls who moved out of their countries since a young age? Whatever it is, I enjoy talking to her tremendously :) And I couldn’t have left lunch with a brighter mood. Thanks M :)

Finally, I met up with my best friends from Uni today (Brandon’s bday celebration) for dinner and it was awesome. Laughs and jokes non stop just like the old days. We talked about our planned dinner party on Labour Day, and I still have no idea what to put on the menu. We have CY who doesn’t eat beef, U who doesn’t eat pork, and T who doesn’t eat vege. It will be a tough one to cook for these 8 people. But I can’t wait. Esp when it’s a meal for my best friends! I love my friends so much :)

OK enough rambling. Time to sleep to wake up for cupcake baking tomorrow. Let’s pray the weather is gonna be great for our picnic tomorrow! Stay tuned for cupcake recipes tomorrow.


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