Perfect dinner for the longest day of the week: Shrimp Stir Fry Posted by: | March 31, 2010

It has been statistically proven that Tuesday tends to be the longest & busiest work day of the week, and I can’t agree more. If Monday was busy, then today was “so-busy-that-I-didn’t-have-time-to-touch-up-my-bruised-eye” busy. Yep. My eye bruise is getting darker by the hour and I swear people now don’t dare to look me in the eye. Haha…

I was actually so tired today when I left work that I almost decided not to blog tonight and just whip up whatever I have left in the kitchen. No gastronomical adventure. No fuss. I wasn’t even in the mood to look up “weeknight 20min dinner” recipes. I just wanted to make something quick, something I have so much control over that I know exactly how it is going to look, smell & taste like. So what do we have left in the fridge? Half a pack of frozen shrimps (left over from yesterday), 1 big yellow pepper, 4 tomatoes, and a bunch of spring onions. Aha! I know exactly I was going to make. Shrimps sauteed in tomatoes and yellow pepper, done the way my Mom would make it at home. Comfort food alert!!

Shrimps sauteed in tomatoes & yellow pepper (Served with White Rice)

INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

About 200g of frozen shrimps

1 Big yellow pepper

3 small shallots

4 tomatoes

1 bunch of spring onions

Salt & Pepper for seasoning

1 tbsp corn oil (I prefer to use corn oil for stir fries and sautes for neutral flavour)

1 tsp tapioca starch mixed into a cup of water


1. Season the shrimps with half a teaspoon salt and some pepper. Leave it to marinate while you go cut the other ingredients.

2. Chop the shallots into tiny bits. Slice the white parts of the spring onions length wise, and chop off the white parts in 2cm length pieces. Leave the green parts for later. Cut the tomatoes into slices and chop the yellow pepper into bite-size pieces.

3. Heat 1 tbsp of corn oil in a pan on high heat and throw in 2/3 of the chopped shallots and all of the white spring onion parts. Stir until fragrant and throw in the shrimps. Stir the shrimps around quickly until it turns opaque and light pink, about 2 min. It’s important not to overcook them or they will turn stiff/dry and shrink/lose its juice. Remove the shrimps into a plate.

4. Using the same pan, throw in the remaining shallot, stir around, reduce heat to medium, and throw in the tomatoes and yellow pepper. Add salt & pepper to taste, stir around and add about 1/8 cup of water to help the vegetables absorb the flavours. Stir-fry the vegetables for about 5 – 7 min until they turn soft, and meanwhile chop the green spring onions into 1cm length pieces.

5. Toss the shrimps back into the pan together with the vegetables, and add the green spring onions as well. Stir around and add the tapioca powder mix slowly into the pan, about 2 – 3 tbsp fulls. Depending on how thick you want the sauce to become, moderate your tapioca mix accordingly. Take the pan off the heat as soon as the juices have reduced and thicken somewhat.

After exactly 15 min of cooking time, you’ll have a wonderful end product like this:

The sweetness of the shrimps and yellow pepper go perfectly with the juicy & sour tomatoes, while the green spring onions add fragrance and balance out the color palette of the dish (I always find it a must to have balanced colors on my dish, not only for aesthetics, but also because its healthier – nutritionists say the more colors you eat, the better).

After the meal, I felt so satisfied, esp since it was such a breeze making today’s dish. Minimum effort for maximum flavors and comfort. That’s what everyday home-food is all about. You can variate this recipe by adding different kinds of vegetables (e.g. tomatoes and green peppers, or brocoli…), as long as you can imagine eating them together. And it’s a good way to clear your vege in the fridge too!


7 Responses to “Perfect dinner for the longest day of the week: Shrimp Stir Fry”

  1. Chi Mai says:

    Looks great! I will try out this soon.

  2. Phuong Do says:

    Should I replace the yellow pepper with the green one? It would make the dish more balanced in color. You see we have the soft pink of shrimps, the bright red of tomatoes, more green should be added ^^ (the spring onion is not not enough).

    Nonetheless, your dinner looked nice as always.

    • Chi Anh says:

      Of course you can :) However, green peppers are not as sweet as yellow peppers and slightly bitter, so perhaps you can add green peppers to yellow peppers to balance out taste and colors. Broccoli would be good too.

  3. TienQueen says:

    it looks so delightful for some fridge leftover hmmm !!! btw, the shrimp cover, who did the work? and def you can make it more extraordinary with some spaghetti :d P/S my view keke

  4. Quang says:

    Hi Chi Anh,
    It’s like a routine for me to check out ur block on daily basis. I was expecting another recipe today for Wednesday!

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